Seven Nights of Sin

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Seven Nights of Sin

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Where else would Seven Nights of Sin take place other than Las Vegas Nevada? Brenna and Damon work for the same recording label; Brenna as a business assistant for the last three years and Damon who searches for new talent as an artist and repertoire representative to lure the prospects to the Blue Night label.

Brenna is to learn, in seven days, the ins and outs of Damon's job with the likelihood she'll take his position if and when he gets sued by one of his contracted artists. He and Brenna have seven days to work on their new lusty relationship.

Damon initiates Brenna into the nightclubs where they scope out the talent, and takes it upon himself to acquaint her to the risqu‚ Las Vegas nightlife.

Lacey Alexander's Seven Nights of Sin has all those adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns everyone loves to read. It's feverish, impetuous, provoking, electrifying, passionate and intoxicating from one chapter to the next. The characters reveal qualities in themselves that are new to surface as Damon and Brenna revel in their newly discovered desires for each other.

Seven Nights of Sin is a feverishly erotic novel that's sure to spice up anyone's library.

Book Blurb for Seven Nights of Sin

A sizzling novel about seven steamy nights in Sin City, each one hotter than the last.

Brenna Cayton doesn't need a man. At least that's what she keeps telling herself. Then her boss sends her on a business trip to Vegas to make sure Damon Andros-the sexiest man in the entire music industry-doesn't live up to his bad boy image. But before she knows it, business turns to extreme pleasure as Damon brings out her naughty side, fulfilling every one of her wildest fantasies. Now, she has just seven sultry nights to commit every sin in the book. Because once Damon discovers her dirty little secret, he'll surely never indulge their lust again.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00