Riding Ranger

This is a short story full of sexual encounters, real & imagined involving some bondage.

John is obsessed to catch the Lone Ranger, but you soon find out the Lone Ranger is the obsessed who wants to catch John.

Although the story takes place over a period of time you really don't get to them. I would like a little more development of the characters and their relationship.

Book Blurb for Riding Ranger

Sometimes you have to break the law to right a wrong. That's Ranger's philosophy, and she's become one of the most-wanted criminals in the world while playing Robin Hood to people ripped off by greedy corporations.

But when she starts toying with an FBI agent who's tracking her, she discovers that it is he who may well steal her heart in the end. Can she trust him not to turn her in after an evening of wild sex — or will she just have to leave the handcuffs on?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 4.00