Return To Me

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Return To Me

Return To Me has four likeable main characters: Darius, the warrior turned vampire who lost his wife Rose, by accident 500 years earlier; Gabrielle, who kind of shares her body and soul with Rose and is now Darius' love interest; Demetri, Darius' vampire brother and Remont's love interest; Remont, the oldest vampire who first turned Demetri then Darius.

Ms Templeton has written the characters into numerous dramatic circumstances, so this story is full of interesting sagas. She has successfully written Darius and Gabrielle's storyline, with attention to Demetri and Remonts voices also being heard.

The love/sex scenes are likely to appeal to most any reader, and the vampiric events are, (dare I say), taste..fully written.

I would recommend Return to Me; I enjoyed most all of the story. I wonder why (hopefully without giving too much of the story away) Gabrielle ventured out of the Scotland house when she knew Sutherland was out there? It seems a little out of character. For this reason I gave Return to Me a 4.75 rather than a 5.

Did I like the Darius character? I'd have to ask you if you've ever had an Italian cherry soda. I'd be hard pressed to choose between the two!

Book Blurb for Return To Me

Betrayed by her uncle, the magically inclined Lady Gabrielle Wentworth has been sold into a betrothal with a man who will surely be her ruin. To survive-and to avoid being labeled as a witch-she must accept the help of a five-hundred-year-old vampire who's as dangerous to her chaste body as he is to her fragile heart.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.75