Pure Sin

Book 3 in the Partners in Passion series.

I discovered a series written by two of my favorite authors Sahara Kelly and S.L. Carpenter. And as expected the Partners In Passion series is just what I expected. In Pure Sin (all three stories) I really enjoyed and rated them as excellent. The style of writing with pages and pages of classic interactions places the reader right into the scene. The characters create their own inertia, they are strong and intelligent and we want to find out what happens next.

Book I - Justin and Eleanor is about Justin, a partial owner of The Mating Place, a bar, and Eleanor a successful businesswoman who's meeting a girlfriend at the bar one night. Eleanor is hit on by a guy in a cowboy hat but Justin comes to her rescue and asks her to dance. They hit it off right away. Dave, Justin's partner jeopardizes the bars' financial stability and Eleanor buys the partnership with the idea of an expansion. When Justin finds out about Eleanor's involvement he goes ballistic and says things he later regrets.

Book 2 - No Limits - Jodi, Eleanor's sister runs The Eating Place next to the Mating Place (Eleanor and Justin's bar). Marcus, Justin's bartender who also takes pictures, invites Jodi over and she discovers some sensual pictures he's taken. Jodi decides she wants some pictures taken of her. She dons her blue silk lingerie and Marcus shoots while she sensually vogues for the camera, then all lingerie comes off and she works herself near orgasm. Marcus leaves and Jodi thinks he's gay, but he just has some issues to sort through. They get together and she has her first intercourse orgasm then she gets scared and asks him to leave. His ex comes to town adding fodder to Jodi's insecurities. These two have a lot of their own baggage they carry around and they bring it into the mix. By no means are these characters without flaws - they are everyday people that are letting us into their lives for just a little space in time. I enjoy this writing quality from both of these authors.

Book III - Pure Sin is pretty much attraction at first sight when Tracy, who happens to be a friend of Eleanor, and George Cluney, who happens to be a friend of Marcus, meet at an art show while viewing a picture taken by Marcus (Justin and Eleanor's bartender). Weeks later Tracy and George accidentally end up staying in the same motel, Purett's Inn, which has some letters missing on the sign and reads Pure Sin.

Their first night out together they see and hear something going on in the adjacent barn and seek enlightenment - they find a barn full of individuals practicing BDSM. That discovery opens the door for their own personal enlightenment which they both enjoy. Is that the end of the story? Certainly not!

Tracy has developed her own lifestyle and expects certain things out of a relationship, which George seems blinded to. Tracy keeps waking up alone after a night of loving. George just seems like the clueless male who just kind of expects things to evolve on their own, but we do need to give him some credit for honestly caring for Tracy and respectfully taking care of her needs. When Tracy and George are together they really connect.

To choose any or all of the Partners In Passion books is a gift to reader's senses with the author's use of pages of delectable detail. The love scenes go on for pages and build to an exuberant climax. Each story has fun characters that draw on their own insecurities.

Special Note: The authors did commit a terrible faux pas in my book. I don't like the expression of a "pregnant pause" being that there are so many other choices for expressing a break in the action. It's laborious to get past the memory of a horribly fat belly, nausea, vomiting and painful labor to get into the rest of the story.

Book Blurb for Pure Sin

Book 3 in the Partners in Passion series.

A woman in the throes of passion, bound by leather and submitting to the fire of her desires. It's a photo that captures something deep inside Tracy Harmon as she stares at it, spellbound by the intensity and the heat it conveys. Beside her at the art exhibit, a handsome stranger also finds himself stunned by the image — and fascinated by Tracy. George Cluny decides he wants that photo and goes in search of the photographer, a buddy of his by the name of Marcus.

Lured out of town by a phone call, coincidence reunites George and Tracy at a quiet country inn. Their mutual attraction rises, helped along by a private "event" taking place out of the public eye. A BDSM gathering, a couple of silk scarves and the stage is set for them to enter a heated world of dominance and submission, promising more than the simple sexual experiences they've known up to now.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00