Private Daydreams

Four intelligent modern day women get together one night and confess their sexual fantasies. Carol wants submissive sex; Suzanne- anonymous sex; Diane wants public sex; and Wendy wants to be a call girl.

After confession they take turns holding a 19th century ceramic leprechaun, which they later think is the cause for their NEED to LIVE their fantasy.

J.W. McKenna has written a story where these four women find their inner strength while struggling to resolve this quirky situation. He artfully guides the reader along with expressive dialogue.

The only reason I gave Private Daydreams 4.25 instead of a 4.5 is the unemotional sex acts that feel more like a males' attitude towards sex, but the story line is fun and concluded so you learn the lifestyle of each woman after the little green guy.

I'd recommend this to a fun group of sharing women.

Book Blurb for Private Daydreams

Be careful what you wish for!

When four single women in Manhattan confess their secret fantasies to each other, they have no idea they would come true thanks to a strange little ceramic of a laughing leprechaun.

Now Diane can't control her desire for public sex. Wendy seeks gratification as a high-priced call girl. Suzanne picks up men in bars for anonymous sex and Carol seeks a "master" who will fulfill her need for domination. The women desperately try to solve the riddle of the ceramic before their lives are ruined forever. Their search leads them to a real-life leprechaun — or so he claims — who offers to help. But is he telling them the truth — and can they give up their long-secret desires so easily?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.25