Pleasures of the Night

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Pleasures of the Night

I enjoyed Pleasures of the Night by Sylvia Day immensely.

What happens when you go to sleep? Sylvia Day appears to have an idea there are gates where beings act as guardians against intruders like nightmares. It's a great imaginative concept and I only hope Ms Days images of guardians of dreams are true to form.

Lyssa can control some of her sleeping emotions which is uncommon and Aidan, a guardian, is repeatedly drawn to her which is a no no. They have a feverish passionate sexual affair they both want to protect, but there's also a story line of a society that will die if Lyssa isn't destroyed.

The intoxicating love scenes impassioned by an experienced dream lover are vividly described and continue for pages.

There are a couple idiosyncrasies that really stretch the imagination, like Aiden fell into this world to find Lyssa at her house. How'd he do that? But if you can get passed that and a few others this is a great imaginative tale. It's a wonderful book to have on a relaxing dreamy afternoon. Sweet Dreams.

Book Blurb for Pleasures of the Night

In the Twilight between sleep and consciousness, a battle rages between Dream Guardians and Nightmares. Captain Aidan Cross is a legend, as skilled in fulfilling erotic dreams as he is with the glaive that kills his enemy. Women see Aidan as part of their fantasies...except Lyssa Bates. Exquisite, desirable, enigmatic Lyssa perplexes this immortal seducer because she sees him as he really is. And as he attempts to unravel her secrets the unthinkable occurs: Aidan Cross falls in love.

Lyssa has been having the most incredible dreams about a man whose blue eyes hold the promise of decadent pleasures and tempting intimacies. And then he appears on her doorstep! This intoxicating stranger is just as irresistible as the man of her dreams... but with her surrender there is also grave danger...

Because Aidan is on a mission, and the passion that consumes them body and soul could have dire consequences. Loving the mortal woman prophesied to destroy Aidan's world is not only impossible... it is forbidden...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00