Pirates of the Mist

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Pirates of the Mist

This is the first Tracy L. Ranson book I’ve read.
Especially with a time travel story often there’s a few gaps leaving the reader hanging, as in the case of a character being dropped from nowhere into someone’s lap. In Pirates of the Mist Michaela is to spend the night on the beach, the anniversary of Pirate Black Hand’s shipwreck because the sorority sisters require it as her initiation. The rumors of the curse say anyone sitting on the beach on the anniversary will disappear. Michaela has had a keen interest in Tristan “Black Hand” Hamilton history and when she finds herself on his ship it’s hard for her to believe it’s really happening. The crewmembers seem to have an issue with the situation too. 
Ms Ranson writes Michaela as a feisty young woman who practices self-defense. This and her remaining in her 20/21st century character create some interesting dramas. Tristan, as ship captain, claims Michaela as his and they have a budding romance.
The author crosses the t’s and dots the i’s awarding us with an intelligent and intriguing time-travel novel. 

Book Blurb for Pirates of the Mist

Old legends told a tale of a pirate curse placed on the town of Mystic Harbor, death to anyone on the beach the night of the anniversary of the pirate Tristan Hamilton's death.
Determined to enter the sorority of her choosing, Michaela Martin chooses to ignore that dire warning.
The fog, thick and white, rolls in from the sea at midnight, her fear getting the best of her. Michaela tries to outrun it but it was too quick for her.
When she awakens, she finds more than she bargained for aboard Tristan Hamilton's ship.  

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.75