Sneezing and waitressing Allie takes notice of a hunk of a man in one of her booths. She accidently squirted some cleaning solution up her nose when the nozzle was pointed the wrong direction, and ever since has been in a fit of sneezes. Her body urges she thought she had lay to rest, (sleep not dead - she's not that old yet), came alive when sighting Bryan. Bryan, out of work signed up to be a drug company's guinea pig testing pheromones. Dr Nathan had said his body was producing his own pheromones enough to excite every woman's sex drive he came near. It would seem a dream come true for most men, but Bryan had had enough of women attacking him in elevators, on the street anywhere, it didn't matter their age or marital status which created a few problems on its own.

Allie's outward lackadaisical response to Bryan surprises him and discovers her response to him is genuine. He stays until closing because he wants to see more of her even though he's on the run from the drug company who wants him for more research. When the trackers are banging on the door Allie and Bryan reorient their clothing after snogging in the booth. They get away from the trackers running into the woods and later getting her car from the garage. They go to a friend's house and resume their lovemaking until Bryan has to leave. Dr Nathan educated Bryan saying sex with a perfect woman would diminish pheromone production to make him normal again. The next morning he leaves Allie looking for the perfect 10 at a beauty contest, but while he's checking them out they don't seem too enthralled by his nearness. To discover for yourself if Summer Devon's Perfection really is perfect you'll need to read the finale on your own.

Summer Devon's entertaining style of writing is easy to read and the plot is easy to follow. Her characters have personality and when they see what they want - they go for it. The love scenes are all heart and other regions start warming. Perfection will be a fun read for any time of day, any day of the week, and season of the year.

Book Blurb for Perfection

Bryan has a problem most men would envy. He's irresistible to women. A laboratory experiment gone awry cranks Bryan's pheromones into overdrive and females flock to him like moths to a flame. Escaping droves of desperate women is only one of his worries. Thugs from the lab are after him, eager to recapture the million-dollar essence he exudes. His only hope is to find the "perfect" woman. Sleeping with her will turn off his pheromone factory.

Waitress Allie slings hash and laughs with customers at a roadside diner. Resigned to life without a man after suffering heartbreak too often, Allie is shocked when a mysterious man jolts her libido awake with just a glance and a touch. A quick tumble seems an innocent indulgence—until black-suited men show up in pursuit of Bryan. Tangled in the intrigue, Allie finds herself tied to Bryan by more than erotic fun. The pursuit of perfection leads them down new paths of pleasure, but curing Bryan could spell the end of their adventure.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 5.00