Penetrate & Thrust & Withdraw - Series

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Penetrate & Thrust & Withdraw - Series

Pheromones & Groans Series

These are three books of great sexual fun centered about four male friends and the female friends of Sylvie - she lives upstairs from Simon (22). Sylvie and her friends are 40 something, and have very interesting sexual encounters with them.

The most involved is Sylvie's relationship with Simon. They hit it off from the beginning in all ways, but they strive to keep what they have under wraps -the age difference- and there's a nosy landlady downstairs who may not approve of the affair. Sylvie who's recently separated also has a son three years younger than the guys and likely to not approve either. But when Simon and Sylvie get together not much else matters than fulfilling each other's needs making each other happy.

In the three books Gavin and Annie get to be friends, Vernon loses his virginity to Judith, and Paul may get a job and get to know Carol more fully. A romance novel helps to keep the young men hypersensitive and eager to explore the female senses and mons - but they can't find anyone who'll educate them as to what a mons is. The women mostly have lives that could use a little more pizzazz and find pleasure with the guys.

I wonder, since the characters are the same and their lives just a hop skip and jump down the path from the earlier book why Scarlet Grey chose to separate them for the purchasing public. Does that in itself answer my own question with the key word "purchasing"? For me one book would have been fine.

All three books are full of dialogue that's easy to follow even with the English slang often commonplace. Scarlet Grey writes in wonderfully explicit, exciting love scenes with fun-loving, carefree characters - all except Carol.

This would be a fun set of books for an adult male and/or female.

Book Blurb for Penetrate & Thrust & Withdraw - Series


Penetrate opens the action in the Pheromones & Groans series as Simon and Sylvie agonise over whether to risk public displeasure and fall passionately into each others' eager arms. She could be his mother, he could be her son, but they could also have the best sex they've ever had in their lives if they only just gave it a go.

Happily encouraged and wholeheartedly warned in equal measure by their respective sets of friends, it might be just as easy to go ahead and not tell anyone. Unfortunately, that kind of behaviour only leads to bad habits, and sooner or later SOMEONE is bound to find out, yet will they berate them, applaud them, or even try and join in?! Follow the series and find out!


Thrust knocks the action up several notches in the Pheromones & Groans series as Simon and Sylvie accidentally advertise the joys of younger men and older women to anyone who happens to be interested. But amazing sex is always subjective, and if the objects of desire don't take into account marriage, children, social responsibilities, and girth.someone or something is going to snap. No matter what the age difference is, there always come a point when sex being "simply sex" becomes "sex and its associated emotional conditions". Juggling youth and maturity (with very sticky fingers) is difficult enough, but reaching that third orgasm while staying out of sight and earshot of the rest of the world? Follow the series and find out if silence comes easier with or without a gag!


The Pheromones & Groans series details the sexual exploits and erotic adventures of two groups of friends - four 20-something lads with a passion for anything that moves, and four 40-something ladies with a lust for a bit of youth between their anywhere-at-all's. Though it all seems straightforward enough (amazing, hassle-free sex in every position ever invented), things can always go awry, especially when casual flings become embedded in webs of emotions spun by human beings who, at the end of the day, realise they also need love as much as the lust.

PENETRATE is a fictional guide about how get into such a breath-taking relationship, THRUST shows how to enjoy it even more, and WITHDRAW highlights how to get out with emotions intact.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50