Passions of Atlantis

Passions of Atlantis has many varied storylines: Brandi, a photographer, is away from her job as the magazine is in the midst of being bought, so she’s not sure she’ll have a job when she gets back; Pascal and Brandi’s successive growth of their new loving and lusty relationship; Pascal’s partner wants to commercialize a unique South American psychotropic plant; Their lives as integral members of the Atlantian society; and Brandi’s father dies.
It’s a long reach from Albuquerque to Atlantis.
The style of Ms Canto’s wording performs perceptual writing with impressive turn of phrases and sensational colorful description. Then the bottom drops out of the story as Atlantis is interjected when Pascal insists (in the middle of their foreplay) they smoke a hallucinogenic purple plant. The writing style is still exemplary; it’s the content that’s in question. For me, the story with their interactions in Atlantis is too much of the story.
When they were in the Atlantian environment, Brandi had minimal contact with Pascal, so their relationship we’re a part of was exactly that -minimal. I couldn’t quite understand their part in Atlantis - as participants (?) or spectators (?), and upon a second smoke they automatically return to the same increment in time? Okay!    

Book Blurb for Passions of Atlantis

Brandi is a pro photographer who has no need to be tied down to a man. Pascal is a professor with a sharp mind, a smoking hot body and an amazingly sexy voice. When they meet, Brandi thinks she's in for nothing more than a fling.

When Pascal introduces her to a secret means of tapping in to other people's lives from the distant past and reliving their experiences in all their passion, longing and pleasure, Brandi finds her emotions ensnared and her body ablaze. Each trip to the past leaves her spinning with desire and overwhelmed by raw experience.

As they share smoldering journeys back in time to the days of Atlantis, Pascal penetrates Brandi's cool exterior, threatening to win her heart.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of explicit male/male sexual contact.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.00