On Your Knees

Torrid Tarot - BDSM

Jessica Rush is the Project Manager for Cress Construction and is afraid of falling behind at work, so she overcompensates. Her girlfriend, Keera talks her into going to a party at the Pleasure Palace. Ryan Cress, second son of the Cress Construction Company family, who's had his appreciative eye on Jessica for months hears where Jessica is going, and decides to make his own arrangements. His brother Theo is owner of the Pleasure Palace and Ryan's spent a lot time there.

At a bridal shower a psychic foretold Jessica's future to form an alliance, exploration and live happily ever after, and she finds that at a dom/sub club?

Jessica doesn't know BDSM is the preferred course of pleasure in the palace until she's to be prepped and readied for the evening activities.

Then, in walks a masked, head-covered, shirtless, black leather pants, Dungeon Master with black leather boots and tattoos. His name is Master, (Ryan) and he has the night to master Jessica. The Dom/Slave scene was fulfilling her hidden desires but also frightened her all the same.

Ms Paulin has done a wonderful job writing in the mixed emotions someone new to the scene might fight. Of course in the end Ryan helps Jessica to come to grips with giving over control to another and makes her his. The character Ryan exudes love and caring for Jessica all along their alliance, which makes On Your Knees an in charge, top of the charts sex novel, and a happily ever after romance- if you can believe it!

Special Notes: What happened to Keera? Will the next Three of Wands be about Keera? I would love to read her story!

Book Blurb for On Your Knees

When Jessica is invited to a sex toy party at Pleasure Palace, she never dreams she'll receive a one-on-one demonstration from her own personal dungeon master who demands nothing less than her complete submission. Jessica has never submitted to anyone and as aroused as the idea makes her, she can't easily give over her control to this stranger.

The dungeon master isn't exactly a stranger. He's her boss. Ryan is shocked to learn Jessica plans to visit Pleasure Palace and he's not about to let the opportunity pass him by. For years, he's hidden his BDSM lifestyle and his attraction to her. Now wearing the mask of the dungeon master, he will reveal both as he introduces Jessica to the delights of his domination. Before the end of the evening, he plans to have her on her knees…and his forever.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50