On the Loose

The best thing On the Loose has going for it is the bevy of colorful characters. The main character Carenza, her boss, television personalities, Laurette and support staff, - - in walks Matt the randy Australian survivalist guide all under the cover of BDSM possibilities--- where do you start? The dialogue is fun and easy to understand with many of the characters adding their own little twists throughout.

Tesni Morgan has written an organized, medium paced, entertaining, contemporary story line complete with emotional turmoil and bliss. What more could you want between the covers ---of a book?

Ms Morgan's frank approach towards BDSM sex play may ruffle some feathers, but as long as they're titillatingly ruffled she may write to her hearts' content.

Book Blurb for On the Loose

Carenza is a new university graduate hired by David, the boss of a TV production company based in London. David is handsome, confident and quite the bad boy, and Carenza is instantly infatuated with him.

David seems to reciprocate Carenza's interest and intends to make her his. But David's on-again, off-again lover, television host Laurette, does not want to share. This doesn't deter David, who wants to show Carenza how a man conducts his sexual affairs. He plans to take her in myriad ways, even if he won't commit to anything more than a casual, erotic affair.

When Carenza is chosen to appear in a reality show set in the Welsh countryside, her interest is piqued by rugged Australian survivalist Matt, and their lust for each other grows.

But David isn't about to let Carenza go without a fight…


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.75