Nights in Ardentia

Books of Bliss One

Nights in Ardentia begins with Gizella, Ezmond, and Hunter imprisoned by Uncivils. Ezmond and Gizella have been together for three blissfully sexual, loving years. Hunter, from Embria, a region populated by men, was restrained to the wall in close quarters to Gizella and Ezmond. When Gizella and Ezmond were rescued they took Hunter home with them.
Ardentia was different from Embria as Ardentia welcomed sexual freedom, but Embria’s male society only sought women when they wanted sons. Hunter was slowly introduced into their love mix, but others didn’t view the threesome as a good thing, which created conflict. 
The story is love scene after love scene as Gizella’s attention is expressed mainly through that form with Ezmond, Hunter, or Ezmond and Hunter. The two men are sort of rivals in conquest for time with Gizella and it seems she’s always available and so is their paraphernalia.   An open mind for various kinds of sex play is helpful when picking up Eden Avery’s book as she describes the climactic activities pretty thoroughly.
Nights in Ardentia is easy to read with personable loving and learning characters set in an environment where everything goes right, but anything can go wrong - this story has both. The sexy delectable characters have a few scenes outside the bedroom with an interesting story line. The intelligent dialogue is well written and easy to follow.  
I enjoyed Nights in Ardentia, which tickled and tantalized.

Book Blurb for Nights in Ardentia

The endlessly varied arts of love as pictured in their ancient Books of Bliss are everything to the sensual Ardentians, just as licensed pleasure partners Ezmond and Gizella are everything to each other. Their sexual explorations know no boundaries and have no limitations.

Then in an unexpected twist of fate, the aristocratic couple crosses paths and swords with Hunter, a magnificent and fiercely celibate Embrian warrior from the Uncivil Wasteland tribes ringing the lavish city-state of Ardentia. Gizella is as intrigued by Hunter’s tattooed body as she is with his disgust all things sexual. Ezmond discovers Gizella’s fascination leads to an entirely new level in their sexual play that even the ever-lustful Ezmond never conceived.

In a battle of wills, Gizella will draw Hunter’s hunger to the surface, releasing it until the proud Embrian doesn’t just become carnal, he is carnality incarnate and a triad of pleasure is formed. In a city dedicated to sexual freedom, it is Hunter’s reluctant seduction that may decide the fate of both their worlds.

Reader Advisory: Ardentians have no taboos. Sexual expression in all its forms is a tantalizing adventure for them. In Book One the journey of captive bondage, pleasure-pain and male/male exploration begins.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.50