New York Moment

Diana Hunter has written an explosive erotic story expressing both sides, D/S, of an employee and boss relationship.

Penny the submissive secretary tries to tell Aiden the boss repeatedly they shouldn't become personal, that it should stay business. However, through continued coercion she relents. Soon the power seems to lean her way and he's feeling caught. Isn't this the way many sexual relationships begin with one pressing for more? Can she say no to her boss and risk getting fired, but then look what she would miss.

In New York Moment it's good to see both characters learning new things about themselves, growing, and Ms Hunter leads you unfalteringly.

Book Blurb for New York Moment

Aidan Quincy likes his sex bound tight and open to his every whim. Getting an uptight, professional woman like Penelope Templeton to bow to that whim is a challenge he can't pass up.

Penny Templeton can't help the way her body trembles every time she sees her boss. She is determined, however, that she will not end up as part of a long line of Aidan Quincy mistresses.

But a not-so-innocent ride through the streets of New York finds both of them making discoveries neither of them expected.


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50