New World

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New World

I'm not too keen on futurism or battles but Zane was a space warrior. He was a new arrival to Earth with the hope to live in peace and have a home and family.

The year is 3033 when various planets and earth's ancestors had come close to annihilating many civilizations. It was paramount to repopulate the world by accepting immigrants like Zane from other planets as Dacor. By allowing mating between species it was hoped that no one species could claim superiority over any other. This would help stabilize the universe, a worthy cause.

Falon had been in contact with Zane for 5 years and gladly accepted him. Outwardly, he was like any gorgeous human male except for his gargoyle like size, and his wingspan, and some attributes below the waistline. He had been tested to make sure a union could produce a child and Falon and Zane wasted no time in starting the process, until she witnessed him in an act she didn't understand and didn't give him the chance to explain. Their estrangement left him bewildered - without a home and family. Commander Zane's hope of peace was attacked as pirates and raiders focused toward Earth and he was approached to join the Defence Corps.

New World has an array of well-written good-hearted characters that are faced with exciting imaginative dilemmas. There are good guys you want only the best for and bad guys you think can't be gone soon enough, children that need cared for and even a golden retriever - oh - and in-laws.

The sex is "out of this world" with some quirks specific to some species. C. S. Chatterly has an imaginative erotic imagination - oh yes!

This is far and away one of the best Sci-Fi's. It's easy to read, has exciting erotic romances and is sure to heat up your library.

Book Blurb for New World

Humans mate with extraterrestrials in an effort to repopulate the planet Earth.

When Zane Orros arrives on Earth from deep space, his only motivation is to live a peaceful life, away from the war-torn part of the universe. As a weary defender of the decimated world of Dacor, he agrees to a contract marriage with an Earth woman; on Earth anything is possible, even a brand new life with an exquisite new mate.

Falon March is one of many Earthlings who have elected to take an extraterrestrial to her bed. In Zane's arms, she finds all the passion and warmth a woman could ever desire.

But the war still raging in other parts of the universe is headed towards Earth. Enemies from the stars look to the Milky Way and its resources with covetous eyes. And when these insidious raiders strike, no one is safe. Zane and Falon's torrid relationship might end at any time, all with the blast of laser cannon.

This book contains M/M sex scenes and a M/M/F scene

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00