Naughty Neighbor

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Naughty Neighbor

What do you say about a story concerning a pig and a senator? Janet Evanovich where do you come up with these ideas? Wherever she gets them she makes them work!

The pig and the senator are not the main characters; however, the main characters are Pete Streeter who's investigating the senator's involvement with the pig, and Louisa who works in Senator Maislin's office and Pete's downstairs renter.

Louisa gets to know Pete as an upstairs neighbor who makes all kinds of racket, emits all kinds of smells and often prefers to park his car in her parking space. He's just your average everyday thorn in your side kind of a hunk that grows on you.

Naughty Neighbor has fun, interesting emotional characters. Ms Evanovich places them into a silly drama where they get shot at and Louisa's car gets smashed in. Through it all Pete and Louisa redefine their relationship from just neighbors to lovers.

Naughty Neighbors is another wonderfully written Evanovich novel to keep in your library.

Book Blurb for Naughty Neighbor

Trouble in His Eyes and in His Wicked Grin... He was a handsome hell-raiser, a reckless crusader in low-slung jeans - and he was driving Louisa Brannigan crazy! Pete Streeter made terrible coffee, snatched her newspaper, and listened through her walls, but it wasn't until she got fired from her government job that she was persuaded to join his undercover investigation - and became hopelessly entangled with the sexiest man she'd ever met! Love on the Lam Sneaking around in the shadows was more fun than Louisa ever imagined... especially when the getaway car was a Porsche. Pete never figured on finding a partner in crime who tasted like dessert, but louisa was all he wanted in a woman - and more. Once he'd taught Louisa to enjoy living on the edge, would she finally feel safe in his love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00