Mr. Fullservice

I enjoyed the story being of an older woman, Maisy, who is enthralled by the attentions of a young man, Dean. Their feelings are expressed on this issue repeatedly as would probably be the case if it were a real life love.

Ruby Storm dedicated sufficient care into character and setting development and wrote of a romance with common issues. However, Mr. Fullservice is a compilation of short choppy sentences that could easily be refined to upgrade Ms Storms' ratings to the next level.

Book Blurb for Mr. Fullservice

Divorcee Maisy Collins has "empty-nest" syndrome. She's been left all alone to celebrate her forty-sixth birthday with a leaking faucet and a yellow Labrador. That is until Dean Martini from Fullservice Fixit walks through her front door.

Thinking she will spend the rest of her life simply dreaming of his broad shoulders and sexy hazel eyes, imagine her surprise five days later when she finds him standing on her front porch with flowers in hand, a most delectable and delightful surprise birthday gift from her coworkers. Yes, Maisy is going on a blind date with someone years younger than she.

Despite her many doubts, Maisy discovers the true woman she was always meant to be, one who can match Mr. Fullservice's explosive ardor until they are both left panting and eagerly looking forward to the next time…and the next…and the next.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 3.00