Love Me Wild

Rowena, having the Maida curse now has to mate within days or the disease will eat up her brain cells and she'll go insane. The curse makes you horny as all get out. Then an injection is forced on Rowena to increase her hormonal activity upping her desire to mate and have a child. Now she's beyond just sexually excited.

That's right, lusty to the max! Now enters your above average, hung, man/centaur to the rescue!

Love Me Wild has mythological creatures, enemy conflict, and basic survival of the fittest confrontation.

I vote for a centaur market on every corner, not a Sentry Market. It sounds like so much more fun.

Book Blurb for Love Me Wild

When a woman becomes fertile, the ache for sexual fulfillment is overwhelming. Rowena, a Maida scientist, must learn to spread her legs with as much relish as she has for scientific discoveries. Can she give her body and heart to a man who is more myth than her rational mind can comprehend?

Tulon, a Centaur, exiled from his clan because he's different, has been in human form for two years after Maida warriors captured him. He can't find one redeeming quality in the Maida until he catches the scent of Rowena — a woman in heat. Chosen to appease her lust, he claims every inch of her silky skin, which releases his magic.

Can two beings with different beliefs embrace the fact that myths can become real when sizzling magic, searing heat and passion engulf them? Or will a challenge by Tulon's nemesis break the fragile trust, forcing Rowena to flee for her sanity?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 5.00