Love Bites Anthology

PLUS ONE’s Ritchie is the new actor on a NYC show set with Toni and Trey who were off and on again girl/boyfriend/lovers. Only now it’s Toni and Ritchie on and off the set until Trey has something to say about it. The writing is easy to follow with believable characters in comfortable settings.   
OLIVER’S FAMOUS CLAM CHOWDER extols Matthew and Natalie visit to a B&B that caters to werewolves, and others, with Oliver as the mind reading chef. This is an exceptionally imaginative short, short story where Oliver discovers each personal taste – --- --of foods flavors.
CATSEYE introduces us to Jason a grad student who frequently visits the school library. Cooper lusts after Jason and Cooper thinks Jason feels likewise. When Jason arrives at a club Cooper invites him to he sees a new acquaintance of his, Lexi that he’s also attracted to and he doesn’t know what to think.          
Dialogue showing intense interaction between the characters is somewhat lacking, but otherwise it’s a glimpse into the short, mild, BDSM 3some play.
BIRDS OF A FEATHER has a main character as a bird shifter that’s permanently stuck between a bird and a man. Ross works for the city in the filing department. He feels alone in the world other than with Lindy who he shares an apartment with. She’s a snake shifter. When Anil and his bird shifter friends attack Ross Rau shows up to help him through it.
TILT-A-WHIRL KISSES is of those first time kisses that we often don’t forget –Callie and Josh had not.
So when BuzzSol, a famous rock star and resident of town returns both Callie and Josh soon find out what comes after that first kiss. This story is really the pudding in the cake (tasty) and similar to a dream most of us have had of life after our own first kiss. A fun read.
MARKED tells the story of two men sitting at a bar and finding out they had the same girl in common. Jo had marked Law and Troy and the boys planned to scheme a reunion for Jo where the men had the control this time. The aggressive nature BA Tortuga characterized in the men was exciting as they seemed to be without any limitations. 
QUITTIN TIME evokes a relationship for Gail, a woman that works the 2nd shift at a machine shop and is a full time college student too. Frank and Ewan keep eyeing Gail and she – them, until quarterly bonuses are given out and they agree on a celebration. The reception at the motorcycle bar they go to leads to their first actions that begin their future of ménage a trois acceptance. These two men sound like some big boys … but Gail succeeded in handling them both.
THE REGULAR  makes you want to believe in Cupid and his mighty arrows. Saada and Toby have been working in the same restaurant for awhile and have just stayed as good friends. Then a well dressed good looking man comes in and things get a little more sexual. They’ve been friends but they just needed a little extra push to get them to see each other in a better light.
LOVE BITES is a wonderful compilation of eight very erotic ménage a trois tales. I enjoyed each and every one of them. Each and every story has accepting characters in comfortable settings. I felt very at ease while reading all the stories. They are a perfect presentation for the first ménage reader and exciting for the more experienced ménage reader. I would recommend Love Bites to anyone who is may have an interest in increasing the numbers of their own sexual partners. If that’s not the case though – a little more education (imagination) in that arena sure can’t hurt in any relationship.     

Book Blurb for Love Bites Anthology

One neck. Two sets of bites. Or bruises. Maybe hickeys. What more could a guy, or girl, ask for? Three lovers, three hot bodies; if you love ménage stories, then Love Bites has it all. From modern day working folks to werewolves and vampires to rock stars, the men and women of Love Bites generate enough heat to make us sweat, to keep us warm on even the coldest night.
Soap stars get busy in Camren August's Plus One. Erin O'Riordan's Oliver's Famous Clam Chowder sends a pair of werewolves to a vampire for the ultimate eating experience. C.C. Bridge sends grad students clubbing with hot results in Catseye, and in Birds of a Feather, by Dianne Fox, more than one unusual shapeshifter finds out that love comes in all shapes and sizes.
Tilt-A-Whirl Kisses, by Vic Winter proves that husbands and wives can have the same first love. Vampires play a hot game of one-upmanship in BA Tortuga's Marked. Quittin' Time, by BA Collins, has co-workers making nice in their time off, and Giselle Renard shows just how tempting it can be to find love in a coffee shop. Two hot guys and one smokin' girl will leave their mark on you! Read Love Bites today!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 5.00