Learning Charity

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Learning Charity

After learning the whereabouts of a lady turned whore, Eliot, a rich American, pays to spend time with Charity. She was raised a lady by her recently deceased parents, but her lack of funds, her uncle's lecherous displays towards her and his debasement of her good name has her resorting to prostitution for her livelihood. In two weeks Eliot goes back to America and wants to take a Brit wife back home with him. Attempting to become familiar with Charity, Eliot asks more and more questions while Charity just wants to get down to business. Soon he can deny her no longer and discovers he desires Charity will cross the "big channel" with him as his wife.

Learning Charity is a quick read with witty characters and an age-old plot of finding a whore to marry. Only - he's looking for a lady, and where better to find one? Summer Devon characters are personable and intelligent. Learning Charity is a happy ending quick read for liquid heat.

Book Blurb for Learning Charity

Once a gentleman's daughter, the now destitute Miss Charity Vincent was forced to become Cherry the whore. Yet her core of a well-bred young lady remains intact -- she is a thoroughly incompetent prostitute.

Eliot Stevens came from America to London for business and now he sees a way to mix his business with fun. Cherry can teach him the manners he needs to fit into society and in exchange, he can teach her about pleasure-which might improve her life or shatter it.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.50