Jinger with a 'J'

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Jinger with a 'J'

Jinger employed by Constantine Inc. falls for Martin Constantine. Martin's the one that falls hardest and hates to spend any time away from her. Their sex is explosive and she gets to experiment as she hasn't in the past.

They work through Jingers recent divorce issues, separation, employment issues and even babysitting her, ("step"), ex husbands - by a previous marriage 2 kids. A lot of issue resolution in less than a mere 100 pages, but L.T. Rashard does a fine job of it.

The settings in this short story are mostly her or his apartment or the office and are secondary to the care given in describing the characters and their interactions. Jinger with a "J" is a quick, erotic, and easy to read Joy with a "J".

Book Blurb for Jinger with a 'J'

Genre: Multicultural Contemporary

Length: Novella

Martin Constantine: sexy, rich, single. He has everything in the world, except the love of the one woman he wants the most. Jinger once promised him that she'd do anything that he'd want her to do. He's going to make her for fill that promise in every way possible, and he's playing for keeps.

Jinger Miller: recently suffered a nasty divorce. The fact that the sexiest man on the Gulf Coast wants her ought to be enough to make any woman tap into her inner Scarlet O'Hara. Oh, but not Jinger. She'll submit to Martin sexually, no matter what he asks her to do, she'll do it.in bed. She's just not willing to trust him with the one thing he wants most: her heart.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal sex, domination/submission, masturbation, voluntary near-erotic asphyxiation, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.75