In A French Country Vineyard

The two main characters of the story, Carol and Brian, are vacationing with a tour group in France. They enjoy some BDSM in their married relationship, and will experience more on their tour. They visit a winery owned by Lucien’s family, and while his parents are away he and his fiancée reside at the family’s Chateau. At first glance Lucien is enamored of Carol and she he. The question though is will they follow through with their lust?
Carol and Brian are married but each has insecurities about their status in the relationship as intense situations arise throughout their travels. Ms Lewis allows us a peek at their vulnerabilities/insecurities. 
The degradation Carol withstands by Brian’s hand is way over the top - too much for me to feel complacent over, especially when he permits her the freedom to explore Lucien to start with. Explaining it away as submissive punishment still made some of Brian’s abuse unacceptable to me. Their married relationship seemed weird because I wasn’t sure how far Brian would go in his domination. I could not consider this a story of a SAFE or erotic, D/s relationship.
Other than that, the writing is complete with acute descriptions of people and settings, intelligent dialogue, continuity to the flow and easy to follow.     

Book Blurb for In A French Country Vineyard

In a French Country Vineyard is the sequel to A Rose Without Thorns.
On a tour of the French wine districts, Carol and husband Brian meet new friends offering a range of romantic diversions.
The confident Englishwoman teaches young Frenchman Lucien the sweet art of love. Her husband, though naturally a gentle man, indulges her, even when one night of love doesn't cool Lucien's passion. Soon Brian is obliged to teach them both a lesson, and Carol succumbs to sterner instruction when lured down the path of BDSM.
Their lives tinged with fear and excitement, Carol and Brian take a roller-coaster sexual ride—and just about everything's flavoured with the best of wines.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 2.75