Hungarian Rhapsody

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Hungarian Rhapsody

From the time Hester was a young girl she had a vision of dancing around an orange-lit campfire to a joyful but haunting beat of wailing violins and tambourines. In her visions she is happy and jovial. Her real life is quite different. She is in a constant struggle. She went from her prostitute mother's house to and abusing, unemployed husband's. She holds two jobs, one as a pub barmaid and one as a Saturday night Burlesque singer. Life has never been easy.

Then Hester accepts Vidor's, (bar patron) offer of lodging and employment as singing instructor for his spoiled niece. There are strict rules for everyone in Vidor's home and if broken the offender is severely punished. Punished by Vidor Hester expects sexual attention from him too, but that desire is never satiated by Vidor, but other members of the staff and Gizi, Vidor's niece comply. Even at Vidor's home Hester hears the jovial music just out of reach until she and Gizi search out the music and get caught-Hester is placed in the dungeon and Gizi is sent away.

But this is not the end of the story and to find out the turn of events you'll need to check out Hungarian Rhapsody at your local bookstore. I found Hungarian Rhapsody not the typical goulash but wonderful and tasty with personable characters in a well-described setting and many intense situations, Yummy! I recommend this book to any reader who likes it hot and erotic.

Book Blurb for Hungarian Rhapsody

'Her employer was a fair enough man, a little odd but surely no threat. He had never coerced her into any action where she wasn't comfortable. She had thought that it was pretty much certain that she would be expected to perform specific favors to earn her keep. But so far, she saw less of Vidor then she had at the tavern.'

Hester soon begins to experience new and altogether unexpected sexual pleasures with her master and his servants, both male and female.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.75