Hot To Trot

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Hot To Trot

BDSM, fetish, Erotic Contemporary

Dylan and Patricia enjoyed a master/submissive marriage based on love, trust and respect. As the story begins Dylan and Patricia are at a restaurant celebrating their third anniversary then Tiffany showed up and that was it - Patti had had it with Dylan's cheating ways - she walked out and got an attorney the next day.

Five years later Patricia applies for a job at DD Technologies only to find out one of the D's is for Dylan - her Dylan, a founder of the company. They had been friends since diapers and missed each other's company, so if she took the job they'd see each other again - which she wasn't quite sure that's what she wanted, but she desperately needed a paycheck. She takes the job.

Barrie Abalard also writes into the story Patricia's love of horses and makes her part owner of a good natured enormous white horse which also results in another avenue for Patti to run into Dylan and other

"friendly" male owners who may help take the edge off her sexual frustration.

The story line is fine it's just the unexpected, the over the top thrills are sporadic. Issues from the past were too many too often - overdone. Too geeky friendly - that means there's a bit of computer tech mumbo jumbo too - a little too techy for someone who doesn't know that world - me, but someone who's interested in computer programs Hot To Trot may be their loved little erotic romance.

Anything Else: It's told in 1st person format.

Book Blurb for Hot To Trot

Genre: BDSM/Fetish Erotic Contemporary

Length: Novel
Exes Patti North and Dylan Decker adore each other.
Patti's afraid to let Dylan back in her life, but, broke and desperate, she takes a job at the company he co-founded. Still lusting for him, she also yearns for some old-fashioned attitude adjustment -- that is, a good spanking -- over Dylan's lap. Being childhood friends, they share memories and values. But Patti feels she can't trust Dylan, and that pisses her off, which leads her to act rashly -- and that pisses him off.
Her problem? He cheated. His problem? Her temper. Fixing things will take more than spankings and hot sex, though that's a good start.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, domination, spanking.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50