Horsemen of Apocalypse Island: Sin

Book one in the Horsemen of Apocalypse Island

Four months into building a stupendous 124 suite hotel on Apocalypse Island the cypress tree holding the spellbound spirits of the Horsemen crashed down. Sin a gorgeous blue eyed, loincloth-covered blonde walked down the beach, out of the cypress, and into Alana's life. The local men years passed, caught the beasties in the cypress tree in fear that more of their daughters would succumb to the sexual attributes/forces of the horsemen.

Alana worked around 200 men daily building the hotel but when Sin took her hand and kissed her she wanted more. Alana has some issues holding her back from true divine love says Sin and blames society for part of her sexual insecurity.

Sin enlightens Alana to astral realm travel, showing her his prior life, and enlivens her chakra spots, which she may have enjoyed the most.

The power that Sin has over Alana is mainly based on sex and seems a little exaggerated especially when she's a 27 year old New York City wise woman. It's a fantasy and yes the exaggeration is up to the writers. The story takes place in a 24-hour time span so it's packed with action and drama. The idea is quite imaginative as Layne Blacque and Taige Crenshaw keep it on course.

There are brothers Lust, Strife and Rage who might also make an appearance. Let's look forward to see where the authors will take us next.

Book Blurb for Horsemen of Apocalypse Island: Sin

Book one in the Horsemen of Apocalypse Island

Imagine a world where divine sexual beings roamed the earth with only one pursuit in mind: to satisfy each and every human woman they come across.

At the beginning of creation these beautiful beasts used sex to enslave mankind, taking their fill and leaving legions of satisfied women in their wake. Until the wise men of the time devised a curse to rid the world of these lovely abominations-sending the fallen deities into the heart of a Cyprus tree for all eternity.

Alas, curses are made to be broken, and eternity is but a blink of an eye for an immortal entity. When the tree that imprisoned these glorious gods crashed down, they resumed their physical forms-forms, it had long been rumoured, which included phalluses rivalling the size of great stallions.

Imagine being rich but unhappy Alana Dorchester and finding one of these legendary lovers in your attic.

What would you do?

This book was previously published elsewhere, under a different name. It has been extensively re-written & re-edited for release with Total-e-Bound

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00