Hankie Pankie

Tricks and Treats - Ellora's Cave Quickie

Eric has a girlfriend, Amie, and a rarely home roommate, Henry. Amie goes on Eric's computer and up pops a BDSM website with an invitation to a Halloween party. Amie's willing to see what this lifestyle entails so she arranges for her and Eric to attend. Upon entrance they are greeted by Sinclair, the homeowner, who educates them on certain areas with mostly everything open to the participant's imagination. After watching a couple of room's inhabitants getting off on their love play, Amie and Eric are more than ready to try it on their own. Amie liked Eric's dominant qualities where he had utmost concern for her welfare and Eric enjoyed Amie's open minded acceptance leaving Eric a surprised, elated and aroused man. They later became members and on their anniversary played the greeters at the main entrance as Sinclair had greeted them. Oh, it was Henry who had explored the BDSM website to start with.

Hanky Panky is an entertaining little piece of erotica that's well written with a fun plot and endearing characters. Liz Andrews writing is exciting, intelligent, and a quick read which should appeal to many readers.

Book Blurb for Hankie Pankie

When Amie Taggert discovers an invitation for a BDSM Halloween party on her boyfriend's computer, she's concerned he's unsatisfied with their relationship. Wanting to show him she's willing to try anything once, Amie signs them up. Imagine her surprise when she discovers he's clueless about the event. Eric Hammond wonders if this is Amie's way of saying she's interested in spicing up their love life. He's more than willing to be adventuresome in the bedroom. If the exotic rooms at the club are any indication, Halloween will be a night of hankie pankie neither will forget.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50