Ghost of a Chance

Through her extensive descriptions Eileen Ann Brennan paints wonderful vibrant pictures.

One night two ghosts wantonly, knowingly and willingly pleasure her main character, Jenna. Dash and Jon are cursed to remain as ghosts until they're able to solve a riddle. In a snow storm Jenna is stranded, her car in the ditch and her gas tank near empty, but alas there is a house - - - occupied by brothers Dash and Jon.

The plot is well defined and expounded but Ghost of a Chance stays on course making this story a quick and easy read.

I would like to see more sexual experimentation because there's so much you can do managing a table of three, (if you know what I mean) for Ghost of a Chance to warrant a 5 rating.

Book Blurb for Ghost of a Chance

Stranded by a New Year's Eve snowstorm, Jenna Hawthorne seeks refuge in the old Rutledge place. Long rumored to be haunted, it now has new occupants — two of the sexiest brothers she's ever met, and they are more than willing to take her in and warm her on a cold winter's night.

Jonathan and Dashiell Rutledge are delighted to find the snowbound traveler on their doorstep. They are in need of a wanton, willing woman and gorgeous, free-spirited Jenna may be just the one to release them from a centuries-old curse.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.75