Gentle Control


Faced with an upcoming marriage she didn't want Tempest tracked down her former dom boyfriend Josh. It had been 8 years since they'd been together and neither had gotten over each other. Tempest walked away from Josh when her powerful father confronted her on their dominant/submissive relationship.

Automatically picking up where they left off years before, Josh asked Tempest for two weeks. They would have two weeks to discover if they would stay alone or become a couple. Though, other problems presented themselves when the motel didn't exactly live up to the advertisement online and Josh's truck broke down. Josh retained "Gentle Control" in various predicaments as he remembered his sister-in-law tarot card reading saying just that.

Brynn Paulin had her work cut out for her when she mixed reuniting the two with reigniting their D/s relationship. She meshed the two seamlessly with adequate background, nice dialogue, and expressive sex scenes. As a rating from 1-10, ten being the most hardcore BDSM, I'd place a 3-4 on this story. I would definitely consider this story more a romance than BDSM genre rating.

Book Blurb for Gentle Control

The Cress brothers are back and bad boy Josh Cress is ready to claim his woman. But bad boys aren't always what they're expected to be. A Dom by nature, Josh has been without a submissive for too long. He's craved the woman who once knelt to him but has been denied him for eight long years. When she returns seeking his forgiveness so she can bring closure to their relationship, he offers her a bargain instead. He wants her to be his for two weeks, under his mastery.

Tempest knows she should refuse, but she can't say no. Josh might have a rough exterior, but she knows the gentle Dom who resides within. She only hopes two weeks will quench the desire that has tormented her since they parted.

Time, however, is not theirs. The demons from their past won't wait.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.25