Gabriel's Horn

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Gabriel's Horn

Gabriel’s Horn begins with Justin cheating on his wife Raquel, so she’s following him and his lover to get some pictures as evidence so she can get a smoother divorce. She got the pictures and almost botched her escape. Finally getting away she gets a drink in the bar and meets Gabriel. The bartender tells them to take it to a hotel and they do. The next morning Gabriel leaves – she goes home and Justin’s there with some glossies of his own- her with Gabriel. Her plan for an easy divorce falls flat. Justin really looks at her pictures and wonders why she was never that passionate with him. She just wants out of the marriage and offers him 50% of everything saying she can’t look at him anymore. He wipes her tearful eyes and says he’ll be up later. The end has Gabriel driving away on his motorcycle patting his pocket full of money and commenting on the games people play. At the end I wasn’t sure if it was all a game or if she got taken. Raquel tooted Gabriel’s Horn plenty praising his ability to offer her mind-blowing sex, so if she did get taken at least she enjoyed it. It makes you wonder at the end and with only 16 pages to peak a readers interest Ms MacKall did a fine job.

Book Blurb for Gabriel's Horn

Word Count - 7,400 - Carnal

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Raquel is about to unleash hers. Married for five years to the love of her life, her sex life is sorely lacking. With the magic gone, her husband takes a lover. Desperate to get the goods on him and break their pre-nuptial agreement, Raquel walks straight into a trap, encountering a man who makes her feel things she never believed possible. When you play the game of payback, be careful of the man you choose, especially if that man is Gabriel.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.75