Flame Angel

As the name implies Flame Angel is HOT! HOT! HOT!

While at a friends' party Angel meets Devon-- lust ignites and before they end their first bout of kissing they're lusting against the side of the building. Kraid Devon, head human/dragon, put his mate mark on Angel inadvertently making her irresistible to other men much to his distaste and leading to some interesting confrontations not only between the him and the men, but with Angel as well.

Angel is a witch (immortal, although ignorant of that part of her family history early on) igniting a little fire of her own when she wishes literally and figuratively.

There is an abundance of dialogue, relationship quandaries, and lusting, which makes this a very entertaining, captivating, and exciting romantic drama.

Lisa Andel has shown in Flame Angel SHE KNOWS how to light a fire!

Book Blurb for Flame Angel

Little did Angie know she was about to attract the most dangerous man in town — Kraid Devon, the Dragon. Or that the attraction would be wildly mutual. Angie has an affinity to fire. Especially the kind of fire she creates with a certain Dragon, despite the fact he's the scariest man she's ever met.

Devon intends to capture the fiery witch, and keep her as his own, no matter what it takes. It's been foretold. See just how hot things really get…when fire meets fire.

Reader Advisory: This book contains shapeshifter sex, multiple partners and several m/f/m scenes.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00