Fires of Solstice

Meredythe is manipulated by many of those around her who through her ignorance and also her determination set her on a predestined path. The goal each has set for her is mate to Bleddyn, a wolf and human combo.

Ms Mays Fires of Solstice requires a vivid imagination for there are many unanswered queries until the ending chapters. Her imagination tries to mix contemporary fantasy, man/wolf, man/bear, druids, witches, communicating animals including cats, wolfs, that live in today's world with contemporary human existence and she mostly succeeds.

The storyline and all the animals are interesting.

With omission of the little sex entered into the story an animated cartoon production might be interesting form for Fires of Solstice release.

Anything else: It's just personal, but to address something as being pregnant besides a mammal soon to be giving birth is like a sticker under the fingernail-very irritating!

Book Blurb for Fires of Solstice

For uncounted years, Bleddyn has waited for the right woman to purge the lust to kill from his blood. Now he's found her. Reporter Meredythe Welsh is hot on the trail of a serial killer — one who uses a wolf or wolf-dog to kill his victims — and the trail leads directly to Dr. Bleddyn Glyndwr, a man who both fascinates and tantalizes her.

As the full moon waxes, a blizzard strands Meredythe at Winterbourne estate where she learns Bleddyn's dark secret…and experiences the passionate love of a werewolf. But Slade, Bleddyn's archenemy, is nearby watching and waiting.

Waiting to take the woman whose blood he believes will grant him eternal life.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 2.75