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Exposed is about a modern day woman who just finished college and after six months at an attorney’s office she just can’t make ends meet. To supplement her income she decides to be onstage as an exotic dancer. 
As Keira’s doing her floor dance she comes face to face with another business employee. It’s serious; she goes to work not knowing if she’ll get fired.
Exposed is a quick read filled with descriptive sensual explicit language that heats the readers’ senses. The writing keeps the action and/or situations driving towards climactic pleasures.
In less than 25 pages Exposed places her main character in very dangerous territory and as you get to the conclusion Megan Ziese still leaves you guessing the outcome.

Book Blurb for Exposed

When financial troubles convince Keira to take a second job as a dancer in a strip club, she convinces herself no one will ever know—until the night she twirls around the pole and comes face to face with Devin Tremaine, her boss from the law firm.

The encounter jolts both of them, but Devin discovers one of his employees has unsuspected talents—talents he’s interested in exploring.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50