Earth Moves

Earth Moves is the gift Erika the main female character guards. There are 5 Temple of the Goddess guardians and with a curse the Warriors who took the temples' women have to fight for what they hold until the guardians atone for their past. Erika now belongs to twins Galen and Arik (manage it she does) as numerous scenes bear witness.

Earth Moves has conflict, mystical powers, societal family living experiences, and a bit of risqu‚ play. It looks a good basis for future releases, as a story is needed on the other 4 guardians as well.

I would like to see more dialogue (1st person) to state the course of the story rather than the authors' use of on and on paragraphs of 3rd person words. Dialogue is so much more fun to read, and could result in fewer statements being repeated. For those two reasons I gave this story a 4.25.

I look forward to the story of the other Guardians.

Book Blurb for Earth Moves

Their world has been overtaken by a disease that killed women and female children and made their island home unlivable, forcing the warriors to look for a new home. Coming to the small Isle of Altair, inhabited mainly by women, that seems untouched by the disease, the warriors take over. They abolish Goddess Law and install Warrior Law, claiming both the isle and the women as theirs. The isle priestess places a curse on the isle that it will be plagued with constant battles from others who seek to take it as well.

Hope comes in the form of the Island Guardians who will possess the powers of earth, fire, water and air and a Mystic who will bring them all together to lift the curse and renew the goddess's protection.

This is the story of Erika, Guardian of Earth, and her warrior mates, Arik and Galen Savari. Join Erika as she learns what it means to be the warriors' mate as well as an Island Guardian.

Reader Advisory Note: Contains references to gang rape.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.25