Double Fantasy

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Double Fantasy

The rapidly paced action packed romance Double Fantasy is a great fun read for the New Year. It concerns two twin brothers Jamieson and Jack Merrick and their ventures when they return to Gladstone Manor where Jamie will be new lord and master. The problem, their father's other twin son Percy and daughter Ophelia, their mother Edith, and 2 of Edith's nieces Anne and Sarah reside there. Percy and Ophelia don't want to hand over Gladstone so conflict is always at the forefront where they're involved, but let's not forget the storyline addition of their incestuous natures.

A deal with the Prince will insert Jamie successfully into the earldom but he needs to marry Anne first. Anne agrees to marry Jamie but changes her mind when commitment issues surface. He ends up tying and gagging her at the altar. True to his nature he takes off to London after being married only 3 months breaking Anne's heart. Jack is left to run Gladstone and has developed an interest in Sarah. Their story is another story line the reader wishes to end happily ever after. There are twin love stories involving Jamie and Anne and Jack and Sarah, which allows the reader a wider evolving range of scenarios.

Cheryl Holt's many personable characters have flaws that make them vulnerable. The dialogue is easy to follow, the action intense and the love scenes are explicit which makes Double Fantasy a doubly fantastic page turner.

Book Blurb for Double Fantasy


With DOUBLE FANTASY, the Queen of Erotic Romance

turns up the heat again. and again. HE IS HER NEW MASTER

Orphaned as a young girl, Anne Carstairs was taken in by her cruel, malicious relatives. She's lived a lonely life at their Gladstone estate, but with a new earl coming, everything is changing. Anne has heard many rumors about him, but she is completely unprepared for him to be the most deeply seductive man she's ever encountered. No sooner do they meet than he brushes her lips with a delicious kiss that leaves her wanting so much more.


As a boy, Jamieson Merrick was denied his inheritance and forced to work as a privateer on the high seas. Until years later, when Jamie discovers that he is the rightful heir to Gladstone. Now, as the new earl, he's determined to claim what is his.including Anne Carstairs. Once he lays eyes on the petite beauty, he vows to take her to his bed and make her his own. She's a pawn in his plan for revenge. But he never dreamed that revenge could be so sweet.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00