Devil May Cry

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Devil May Cry

Dark-Hunter Series

In the Devil May Cry the story centers on Sin and Katra saving the world from the Sumerian Apocalypse while their new love is vulnerable - especially when Kat was sent by Artemis, to Las Vegas to kill Sin. Their relationships with all the characters is mind boggling, (I needed a score card to know who everyone and everything was and where they stood). When Ms Kenyon gets down to the plot of the story there is no comparison in her ability to produce a true page turner with wonderful setting depiction, complex character interaction, and a love story to boot.

I had a problem keeping all the characters straight so I gave Devil May Cry a little lower rating.

Book Blurb for Devil May Cry

Sin is an ancient god whose godhead was stolen by Artemis. Ever since that moment, he's done nothing but plot his revenge. When a chance meeting gives him the opportunity he's been waiting for he seizes it without hesitation. But things aren't what they appear and suddenly the hunter finds himself the hunted.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00