Demon Wind

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Demon Wind


Do you believe in a spirits' domain? When you venture in it incites a lascivious craving for another that is beyond ones control.

Jayden's superstitious grandmother warned her to stay in her house tonight, but she couldn't breathe and had to get out. With the full moon lighting the beach, Tyce, a doctor new to the neighborhood and Jayden come together by forces beyond their control. Is it the Demon Wind?

The next day Jayden is introduced to the good doctor and is embarrassed to discover he's actually real. However more strange things happen and Jayden runs to Tyce for support.

Tyce and Jayden's affections grow and they decide to try it on their own power resulting in their own electrifying passion. They decide to thank the Demon Wind for bringing them together to start with.

Demon Wind is a romantic drama, but for me lacked that memorable special punch, but the story line was interesting. If you're up for a short and sweet romantic interlude check out Kay Wilde's Demon Wind.

Book Blurb for Demon Wind

"On a sultry southern night, beneath the full moon, the Demon Wind blows."

It is said that on the night of a Demon Wind, Southern belles who don't stay inside will find themselves compromised, or even pregnant, with little memory of how they got to be in that state.

Jayden's beloved, yet overly superstitious grandmother hit her with that one about the time she reached puberty. As a result, Jayden wasn't at all surprised when she received a call from her grandmother warning to stay inside because the night was ripe for the Demon Wind to blow.

The Demon Wind was nothing more than an obscure local legend, and Jayden Parrish was rooted securely in reason and logic. She didn't believe in superstitions.until.

Until she awoke the following morning to find sand in her bed. Sand, and the memory of the most erotic dream she'd ever experienced. A dream in which she had made uninhibited, passionate love on the beach with a man who had come to her from the sea.

Was it a dream? A figment of her imagination? Or was it something else.?

This story was previously published elesewhere. It has been expanded and re-edited for release with Total-e-bound.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.50