Dark Succubi

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Dark Succubi

Word Count - 37,500

Dark Succubi has some wonderfully impetuous characters and the plot places them in many a maelstrom. The story line is incredibly imaginative but very hard to follow.

An understanding of the characters and their goals isn't truly explained until the last pages leaving the reading confusing and hard to get through. Three times I started the story - the first 2 pages - and still I had to force myself to keep going just to finish the first chapter, then the next chapter and so on.

Were many of the problems in the writing due to "lost in translation" frenzy? The dialogue comes from the mouths not clearly defined throughout the story. Often fragment sentences were combined with one side of the comma not relating at all to the other side of the comma. Lost in translation? Possible.

There are so many easy to read, easy to follow, interesting and exciting books out there, my advice is to pick up one of those and we can hope for a new translation on Dark Succubi.

Book Blurb for Dark Succubi

Three succubi must ascend the ladder of power or face death by starvation in exile. The pursuit of power, however, comes with heavy price for Theodoria, Grendal, and Elise.

Obsessed with her lover from a former life, Grendal unintentionally opens a portal to a realm where angels enslave succubi for sexual pleasure. When an archangel kidnaps Elise, Theodoria and Grendal are forced to seek help from their human quarry Rene Saint-Pierre. Rene agrees to help rescue Elise - on the condition that Theodoria surrenders her will and body to him. The huntress becomes the hunted, and Theodoria must choose between her pride and her heart when she begins to fall for the human. During the battle for Elise, Grendal too faces a decision - one path leads to death and the other sexual subservience.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 1.25