Dark Possession

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Dark Possession

In Dark Possession, Feehan's continuing saga of the Carpathians, Mary Ann Delaney a counselor from the city helps Manolito, her lifemate who's gone to ground after being struck by a poisoned weapon and is now stuck between two worlds.

The effort needed to familiarize the reader to the families and their circumstance is complex and sometimes bogs down the story. Of course, reading the Carpathian novels in succession will help to capture the series essence.

I feel Dark Possession could stand-alone because Ms Feehan is such a great writer with colorful setting description, intricate dialog, explosively glorious sex scenes, and territorial domination conflicts to complete the requisite. She's a smart writer for a smart reader- - Thank You!

Book Blurb for Dark Possession

Manolito De La Cruz discovers his lifemate only to hear she would never accept a male of the species. MaryAnn Delaney has been around the Carpathians for a little while now, and having met several of the men, she knows she would have a difficult time being a lifemate to any of them. She's a city girl, a counselor for women and she wants to go back to her home turf. Manolito was born and bred in the Carpathian mountains, but has lived in South America with his four brothers on their extensive cattle ranch. They are laws unto themselves, and have long ago taken on possessive, passionate and arrogant ways that only magnify the already dominant traits of their race. MaryAnn, modern city girl, is about to meet a rainforest predator.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50