After Charles, Helen's father, dies she inherits the antique shop plus the responsibility of eliminating vampires and gathering the 12 items that will save the world from destruction. Two thousand years ago twelve men had been involved in some way in a pact with the ancient gods. If the 12 items are reunited the holder would have all the power.

Constantine and Helen are romantically involved and their sex scenes are very well described.

There are many character and types in Constantine including immortals, vampires, and New Orleans residents Helen, and Father Henry, and this sometimes leads to confusion as to why they are even in the story. The story line involves these twelve items but there's little information on what and where they are. The dilemma is resolved with little effort and is over almost too quickly.

This is still a quick, interesting and entertaining story to read.

Book Blurb for Constantine

According to history books, Roman Emperor Constantine has been dead for hundreds of years. However, the mysterious deaths of Constantine, Vlad Tepes and others like them are history's way of covering up an ancient conspiracy to take over the world. The gods who manipulated these men gave each of them a magical relic that, when united, would unleash the powers of the Aztec gods.

Now Constantine is in New Orleans, and he's falling in love. But to claim the woman who can save his soul he has to save her life. For Helen, the guardian of an ancient Aztec stone related to the relics, is still learning — and making mistakes. When she makes a trade with Constantine's nemesis she places herself in grave danger. Now she needs Constantine's help to save the world, and she might just lose her heart along the way.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.50