Conjured Bliss

Tricks and Treats - Reader Advisory: Contains M/M and M/F/M sex scenes.

How did you spend your All Hallows Eve? Callie, an assistant for Vance's and Hart's magician act in Las Vegas had the time of her life not only performing on stage with them, but rekindling their private relationship. In the beginning of Conjured Bliss, Callie had left the couples act and was working at a diner but regretting her decision to split from Vance and Hart. She returned to perform their special Halloween show, then, afterwards each expressed their love of each other and their want to remain together. Their m‚nage sex play is very explicit and erotic with times where Vance worked Hart for male/male sex play. With Brigit Sahara's imagination Callie was sure to come out with a smile on her face. Let's not leave anyone out Vance and Hart had something to smile about too.

The story is imaginative and slipping in the vampire twist is very interesting. The vampiric magic show conjures up some wonderful disappearing and levitating . tricks. Great story line.

Book Blurb for Conjured Bliss

Who says three's a crowd?

In fact, on Halloween — a notoriously exciting time filled with thrills and magic and pulse-pounding surprises — a threesome can be a supernatural delight. Or so Callie finds out when she teams up again with magicians Vance and Hart for one very special show… and night.

Reader Advisory: Contains M/M and M/F/M sex scenes.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00