Cast a Lover's Spell

Its love at first sight for Paul, a warlock, but widowed Anne still needs to recover from her loss.

With a little help by witchcraft Anne learns what it is to be worshiped by a lover, and believe it or not, --- she likes it!

This story would be a great read/instructional aid for our lovers/husbands, because sometimes they may tend to forget, okay, dare I say it: IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT HIM!

Claire Thompson has written brilliant descriptive of her characters and settings. Cast a Lover's Spell is fun and entertaining with a little suspense thrown in, but mostly Paul mmm..

Book Blurb for Cast a Lover's Spell

Paul Windsor has a secret. Weaving magic spells, he takes what pleasure he desires from mortal women, leaving them breathless and longing for more. Handsome and aloof, the warlock regards himself impervious to love until the beautiful mortal widow Anne Kaliner crosses his path. Desperate for the ethereal beauty, Paul will stop at nothing to possess not only her body but her heart and soul as well. Passion explodes as erotic desire is heightened by magical means.

Though afraid to love again, Anne finds herself drawn into the warlock's secret world. Her sexual inhibitions unravel in the grip of a magic she doesn't understand. Frightened by the intensity of feeling, she attempts to push her lover away, never dreaming a stalker from her past is waiting for just such a moment.

As passion and magic weaves a sensual spell upon the couple, both warlock and mortal must find the honesty and courage to share their souls, allowing true love to flourish.

Reader Advisory: Contains a graphic rape scene against the heroine.


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 5.00