Captive Heart

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Captive Heart

BDSM, Historical

Negotiations completed, Myla agrees to marry Clive, and in return her father receives gold and gifts restoring his wealth. During the Third Crusade, 1194, as Richard the first ruled England, Clive and Jase were comrades, but later Clive attacked Jases's homeland, killed Jase's father and others and looted his stores.

So, intent on revenge, Clive traveleds to his home with Myla (for bride) and Jase abducted her. Jase, treates Myla harshly. She is his submissive and much to her chagrin she oftentimes respondes to favorably.

Myla is the pawn the two men put each into check with.

Comparing Captive Heart to many other historicals, it far out ranks a great many of them. Fawn Lowery writes about personable characters and believable intriguing situations. Captive Heart epitomizes the close relationship between many historicals and BDSM - man the master and woman . submissive.

Turn to another Historical if you are looking for sweet comfortable romance. For the seasoned erotic historical readers Captive Heart exposes a few adult sexual exploits with explicit language - a gift to get your blood apumpin!

Book Blurb for Captive Heart

The fortress Claymoor teems with lusty knights and wenches but the knight with the boldest sexual appetite is Jase, the lord and master, and when virginal Myla, the daughter of a prominent Duke becomes his hostage in a deadly game of revenge, she is subjected to bouts of heated sex play that awakens her wildly passionate senses. But the bold knight soon finds he has deeper feelings for Myla then those of revenge toward his enemy. Her body beckons to him, luring his male senses into a sensual realm of tenderness and sexual bliss that soon culminate into a torrid love affair.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75