Captain Devlin's Captive

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Captain Devlin's Captive

Rating: Carnal, graphic sexual encounters

The year is 1692. While sailing Rebecca, Felicity and her lady's maid Jasabel are taken as booty by Captain Devlin and his ship of pirates. Miss Felicity screaming all the way is enclosed in McCreas room, while Jasabel is housed in Captain Devlins' cabin as he and McCrea sleep on the floor. Felicity and Jasabel, Countess as Devlin calls her are treated with respect and are left untouched.

Then Captain Le Chameau, a rival pirate comes aboard Devlin's ship and takes Felicity. Le Chameau and Miss Felicity become fast friends unknowingly to Captain Devlin and Jasabel who try to capture her back - along with the colony's money.

Reading Captain Devlin's Captive will bring you to a fulfilling climax where not everyone gets that happily ever after ending. There are times in Captain Devlin's Captive that I think it similar to others pirate stories, however, the story line and dialogue flow with ease making it stand out over most.

Many times Captain Devlin expresses his interest in the Countess and treats her as such, a very admirable quality to write into the story. The characters are likable and the settings are exquisitely drawn for the reader's imagination.

It would be a great and fun story to take on a cruise.

Book Blurb for Captain Devlin's Captive

Bound for England with her mistress, Miss Felicity, daughter of the Governor, indentured servant Jasabel Buchanan certainly hadn’t expected to find herself as part of the ‘spoils of war’ in a bid for revenge against the Governor. When the pirates board their ship and seize Miss Felicity for ransom, though, they decide to take her, as well. As grateful as she was that the pirate captain, Neil Devlin, refused to allow his men a ‘taste’ of their female captives, however, she had no ambition to become the captain’s woman, either. She had no desire to be ravished at all … and yet she couldn’t deny that there was something about the devilishly handsome Captain Devlin that drew her as no other man had. It disturbed her immensely to find herself almost hoping he would ravish her.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.75