Bound by Desire

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Bound by Desire

Bound By Desire is an FBI story involving a kidnapping of a child with a BDSM twist.

Denise is assigned to Victors FBI group with their current operation to retrieve a kidnapped child in Virginia. The search is fast paced and quickly comes to a head. The assailant is trapped and the child is safe. Then the story line turns to Victor and Denise as they explore their relationship boundaries.

Victor invites some BDSM enthusiasts to his home for a party and Denise isn't happy because she hasn't been included. Deep down she wants to explore that side of her and Victor gladly takes the master role. She's made up for the party in the hopes no one will recognize her and it seems Victor didn't even associate the party woman as being Denise. He finally confronts her and realizes she's the sub he's been missing.

The story's a great suspense quickie. The characters emit personality in a strong profession, but they're still vulnerable and have unfulfilled needs. The characters are the strength of this story because the kidnapping is solved rather quickly possibly missing some opportunities to turn the danger into an aphrodisiac. On the whole Ms. Lyon's story is entertaining - a wonderful story for in front of a warm fire.

Book Blurb for Bound by Desire

Denise has always been a strong woman and the men in her life have expected her to be just as demanding and dominating under the covers. She never met the man that made her heart pulse with desire or who took control, because she was always in control, and it left her empty inside. Despite a successful career, and graduating at the top of her class in the FBI academy, she never had the same success in love. Her problem was she held a secret that she didn't even want to admit to herself. A secret so dark and twisted that she pushed it to the bottom of her heart and hid it there. She had a secret desire to feel conquered, and completely ravished in bed. She wanted to be tied up and teased until she cried out in ecstasy. Denise never met the man she felt safe sharing her secret desire to submit to. Until the day she met Victor.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00