Bound Brits

Come across the pond anytime Bound Brits writers. Every author has written a great, highly erotic story filled with its own wonderfully written drama. Excited anticipation transports the reader into the heart and soul of their characters as each learns their partner's prowess and vulnerability.

With each story the ending is for you, the reader, to discover, so I'll just tell enough for you to get a taste.

The Retreat by Portia DaCosta is about two coworkers Ben and Sarah who go away for the weekend. Ben exposes Sarah to be his submissive which she readily accepts.

S&M 101 by Sierra Cartwright has Julia and Trevor, who have trade show booths, get together after five years. This very erotic story addresses "you" (Julia) to perform Trevor's demands for him, but it's very easy for the reader to get captivated into the events too.

Getaway Girl by Lisabet Sarai main character Peg is taken hostage by two criminals who have absconded with a newly discovered Viking treasure recently dug up by a local farmer. Peg's unnerved by the idea that she's getting turned on by being tied up by Lionel (Bert). After making it to their hideaway- her grandma's cabin- she drugs Jack, and Lionel and her go upstairs. He ties her up, she likes it, she convinces Lionel to leave Jack, they tie up Jack, and leave. Peg still needs to care for her little sister and Lionel (Bert) still needs to pay off his gambling debt.

All Roads Lead to Ripon by Barbara Huffert reveals Simon as he pushes his acquaintance on Jane who's revisiting the village she stayed in during an International Music Festival. She takes a room at Hettie Agates Hotel and as she sight sees around the area she keeps running into a man whom she later finds out is Hettie's son Simon. Hettie tells Simon Jane's itinerary for each day hoping they'll eventually get together. When they do he takes the strong master role with her which she detests, but will conform to after she enjoys a few climactic spankings.

Kit and Mouse by Dakota Rebel has Colin (Mouse, a retired vampire hunter) finding Kit (a vampire) his dream woman at a bar he goes to in celebration of his brother's birthday. They leave the bar together and go to her place where Mouse takes the master role and hopes Kit can give up her power for him.

Bound By Love written by Cassidy Ryan is a story of Rhys, an artist and Draven, a club owner, who carry on a gay S&M relationship. Rhys has loved Draven for some time but Draven wants to keep it casual.

Book Blurb for Bound Brits

'The Retreat' by Portia Da Costa

Ben Chambers is the perfect boyfriend, the perfect lover, the perfect man.

Sarah adores him, but she knows that despite the deliciousness of their lovemaking, their shared interests, and the fun they have together, there's a certain special something missing in their relationship.

And then, arriving for a hedonistic weekend of luxury at an English country house hotel, something happens that changes everything between them. A momentary, inconsequential pat on the bottom opens the door to a breathtaking world of daring and transgressive sexual pleasure...and forges a bond that's both profoundly physical and a melding of their souls.

'S&M 101' by Sierra Cartwright

Julia Landon is not just bored, but out of her skull, mind-numbingly, someone-please-save-her bored. And she thinks that Dom Trevor Kendall should save her.

When the attractive woman tells him she wants a spanking, Trevor looks at her in a whole new light. How had he missed her submissive tendencies?

Trevor is more than serious about a D/s, to him, it's not a game. And he takes the curious sub to the limits of her endurance. For Julia, nothing will ever be the same now that S&M 101 is in session.

'Getaway Girl' by Lisabet Sarai

All that Peg wants is a break, a bit of adventure, a relief from her mundane existence in the buccolic but boring Yorkshire hamlet of Kirkby Malzeard. When dashing, sophisticated journalist Lionel Hayes saunters into the pub where she's tending bar, Peg suspects that he was just the sort of man to fulfill her fantasies of escape.

The seductive Lionel, however, is not what he seems. Before she knows it, Peg is a hostage, roped and gagged, speeding away from the scene of a daring crime. Lionel is armed and dangerous, but somehow Peg still wants him-regardless of the consequences.

'All Roads Lead to Ripon' by Barbara Huffert

Sometimes it pays to revisit the past.

Jane runs from a smothering ex who won't take no for an answer right into the last thing she's looking for-a mysterious stranger who appears wherever she is, watching her.

Simon knows they're meant for each other the first time he sees her. Why she can't just do as he says and accept that is almost beyond him.

Can some help from an interested observer be what they need to have a forever together?

'Kit and Mouse' by Dakota Rebel

Kit is a vampire who had been planning on a quiet evening out at the local pub. But that plan becomes null when Mouse walks in. As soon as Kit meets him she knows that this quiet, shy man is not really what he seems. She instantly knows that she has to have him.

Mouse plays into her hands perfectly, agreeing to accompany her home. But Kit is in for quite a surprise when the nervous veneer fades and this mortal becomes the demanding and dominating man Kit never realised she had been needing.

'Bound by Love' by Cassidy Ryan

For two years Rhys has had a casual D/s relationship with Draven. It was never supposed to be anything more than an arrangement; a way for Rhys to occasionally indulge his submissive side.

Draven made it very clear at the outset that he was not looking for forever, and Rhys was happy to accept this. But somewhere along the line he fell in love. Now he is forced to keep his real feelings for Draven a secret.

Will the truth drive Draven away?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 5.00