Book of Masks - The Hermit

Torrid Tarot

Jasmine is handed a key, a tarot card, an address and travels to Venice in hopes to sell the house she's just inherited from an aunt.

The key opens the address' door; the tarot card opens the demon door. While dreaming Jasmine finds herself in the throes of seduction by demons led by Vespero who only wishes to attain the tarot card. Lumere, a demon brothren, is guardian over the demon door and encourages Jasmine to leave the door locked.

I like the concept of demons being able to read Jasmines mind and their responses to her thoughts control the suspenseful and lurid situations. It seems many times authors have a character who reads minds but their interaction, the response, falls short. Nathalie allows the scenario to work itself out and places Jasmine in some precarious situations.

The Hermit is an entertaining story with suspense and torrid sexual content. WOOO WHHOO! Me Please!

Nathalie Gray, where can I find my own set of tarot cards?

Book Blurb for Book of Masks - The Hermit

Once a year, during the peak of the Carnivale di Venezia, a gate opens onto an ephemeral world of decadence, a world peopled with demons, masqueraded lovers and assassins, a world where a mask can hide much more than a face.

Lumere's timeless realm is rife with lust, debauchery and excess of all kinds, yet he is empty, the lone sentinel guarding the gate between the worlds. Keeper of Time itself. But when he encounters a mortal female named Jasmine, whose spirit is a shining beacon bright enough to light the deepest pit in his heart, he cannot resist. Despite the threat his brethren pose to the fragile balance, he embarks with Jasmine on a journey of unbridled carnality to rival the Renaissance's halcyon days. Together, they travel to the edge — edge of pleasure, of trust.

Unfortunately, Lumere is not the only demon with an eye for Jasmine.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 5.00