Binding Discoveries

Olivia, a 26-year-old accountant is in love with her veterinarian boyfriend Tom. He loves her too, but doubt raises its ugly head when her old boyfriend Mark enters their lives. Mark left her 6-7 years ago without saying good-bye and ventured to Europe on a job opportunity in his field of journalism.  
Tom and Mark got on well visiting and Mark asked them to his home for a party which they attended, and soon the three were in their own ménage a trois.
There were a couple times when I lost track of the sequence of events as the writer jumped to the past without an explanation or break in the form. I reviewed each instance immediately upon notice and found the writing fell short. For this reason I gave the story Binding Discoveries a lesser rating.  
Otherwise I enjoyed the story, the characters love and respect for each other with common plot of an, oh so common theme – old boyfriend returns home, but with a BDSM twist.

Book Blurb for Binding Discoveries

Olivia and Tom are in love and this time it's the real thing. Enter Mark Hunter, the man Olivia hadn't quite had the nerve to lose her virginity to seven years earlier and hasn't seen since. What begins as an innocent rekindling of friendship rapidly develops into a sensual journey between the three.
Mark takes the pair deeper into a steamy feast of the senses, teaching Olivia to connect with her submissive yearnings, guiding Tom as he explores his bi-curious impulses. A visit to an underground BDSM club frightens and thrills Olivia, tapping into deep-seated fantasies that blossom under Mark's erotic guidance. Tom, confident of Olivia's love and his own masculinity, encourages the erotic exchange of power between three.
Mark, naturally dominant, coaxes the curious young couple down a path of D/s that threatens to turn treacherous when Olivia confuses love and desire. Jealousies and loss darken the lighthearted sexy ménage, forcing the confrontation of past demons, present lusts and dreams of a future filled with love.
Reader Advisory: This novel is a voyage of discovery and steamy exploration between a committed male/female couple and another male. There are scenes of ménage, male/male interaction and light BDSM elements. Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 2.75