Beg Me

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Beg Me

Beg Me's exotic characters and settings secured my support as Lisa Lawrence came through with a suspenseful ending I hadn't considered. When Teresa Knight ventures from London, to Bangkok, New York, and Nigeria it exposes us to a bit of the international community. There are so many dimensions to this intriguing story---finding this killer, that killer, drugs, BDSM, travel, world war history, so much to tickle our brain cells.

The BDSM is quite abusive, mentally and physically and certainly consistent with the story line. I would suggest Beg Me to be read with little or no distractions--- you don't want to miss a thing.

Book Blurb for Beg Me

It’s the ultimate erotic experience: a handpicked group where every man’s craving can be satisfied. But for Teresa Knight, it’s also a place where sensual adventures can spiral dangerously out of control. Hired to probe a suspicious death, the part-time investigator enters the sizzling New York fetish scene—a seductive, uncertain world that will test the limits of her own sexuality with every potential lover she meets. For gaining entry into this elite BDSM cult means that Teresa must let down her defenses—in more ways than one. Her search for answers brings her into contact with an enigmatic businessman who takes her to the brink of her own untapped desires even as he enlists her help in solving a crime that dates back forty years and crosses continents. From exotic Bangkok to gleaming Manhattan, Teresa finds herself locked in a sensual power struggle with a shadowy man who has a deadly agenda. What she uncovers is a shocking conspiracy of murder that will imperil her life while giving a whole new meaning to going all the way.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 5.00