Been There, Bit That

A catchy title-Been There, Bit That, for a vampire story! There are three main characters: Tamara the female triad member & daughter of a high council leader and Dominic's love interest; Dominic the very wealthy, powerful, handsome and Italian vampire; and Marc, a powerful Norwegian like vampire needed to complete the triad. The East Coast vampire triad's purpose is to yield its power over the newly formed West Coast Triad and any others that may come into existence.

There are numerous interesting conflicts in the plot sure to peak the readers' interest, and the sex scenes are brilliantly explicit if that's the readers' desire.

Ms Chance stated a lot of info in third person, which I would have liked to see in dialogue form. I think dialogue expresses more of a characters personality and makes the story more fun to read. This is a great short story for any reader to sink their eyeteeth into.

Book Blurb for Been There, Bit That

Tamara Turner would rather not be a vampire. The high drama, the heavy politics, the feuds that can only be solved by violence — not her thing. But, as a member of one of the most powerful vampire families on the East Coast, she is called on to help fend off a dangerous power lock formed between three rival vampires. Her job is to form her own power lock with two other big names — none other than her two best pals from college, Dominic Garcione and Marc Devereux. But in order to achieve this, Tamara has to have sex with both of them. At the same time. Not her usual speed.

Sparks fly in the bedroom, especially between her and Dominic. But it's not all fun and games, because the enemy triad is rapidly approaching. And there's another mysterious force at work against them, one that no one has anticipated.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00