An Extreme Haunting

Tricks and Treats

After Sean O'Brien sister's return from Ireland with tales of ghosts in Dermot's castle they inherited Sean flies to Ireland to check out the place himself. Dana, the spirit cleanser his sister hired, and Sean are wildly attracted to each other from the beginning and their relationship heats up when the ghostly spirits dominate their impulses.

Dermot, the ancestral spirit that still haunts the castle, along with part of his harem of wives still considers the castle their domain. Sean and Dana decide the ghosts won't leave until they mark the castle as their own meaning they have blatant sex that even the ghosts will acknowledge.

The story is full of dialogue and interesting characters. At times it was a bit hard to know who was talking. I was hopping to get to know Sean, Dana and the ghosts more. The story needed a little more focus, but the sex was interesting!

Book Blurb for An Extreme Haunting

Sean O'Brien inherits an old Irish castle, believing that the rumors of its haunting by an ancestor who kept a harem are ridiculous—until the ghostly influence destroys his inhibitions. His Dom side is exposed and he's taking everything he wants from the sexy, submissive ghost hunter alone with him.

Dana Rayne is hired to cleanse the castle of ghosts but they are stronger than any she's ever faced. Sean is stunned by their effect on him but Dana is more than willing to be the sub in Sean's kinky dungeon built for sex. The ghosts refuse to leave and grow stronger as Halloween nears. As Dana and Sean explore their deepest fantasies, the ghosts attempt to act out their own deadly desires.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.75